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when magnussen says “but look how you care about john watson” and then john turns around to face him and sherlock fucking lowers his gaze to avoid meeting john’s eyes

because that’s what you do when you’re in fucking actual love with someone to the end of the earth with all your being and the whole world still thinks you’re some kind of unfeeling frozen robot shit 

I just rewatched that bit and you can’t see Sherlock lowering his gaze??

Yeah. You only see him from far away after that’s said and can’t see him well. He’s turned more towards Magnussen than down but I guess it’s true he’s not looking at John.


Anonymous asked:

i'm sorry it is so fucking disgusting that you're trying to defend someone who is wishing that john would murder his wife and child with a hammer like i genuinely like your blog but that is just disgusting and you should rethink your priorities and stop being an abuse apologist xoxo


ah, sweetie hold on … you got a few spelling mistakes in there.

here, fixed it for ya:
"I’m in awe. It is so fucking fantastic that you’re reblogging a fictional gif which does not in any way promote real-life abuse or make you yourself an abuse apologist, from someone who created a fictional gif which does not in any way promote real-life abuse or make them an abuse apologist. Like, I genuinely like your blog but that is even better than normal. And you should absolutely always reblog what you feel like reblogging and never let silly little anons, or the delusions of a big group dictate your interpretation of a fictional representation. xoxo"

silly tumblr-anon-messaging always jumbles things up and it comes out utter bullshit. so glad I could fix that for you.

so, yes. thank you. I love that you, too, are absolutely not confusing fiction/film with real life and know that I, as well as others, possess the capability of differentiating between real life and fiction.

Next time don’t click the “anonymous” button. It tends to create more bullshit than needed in your messages. Trust me, it works. Magic.image

but hey …. xoxo, right?


i’ll let you have whatever headcanons you’d like, i know you’re all thirsty for it

Ok I’m waiting for all the folks who got upset about a post yesterday to freak out about this, (No? You mean you understand it’s not about “Martin” hurting “Benedict”?? You’re not going to feel so sorry for Benedict having to potentially see something so darn horribly offensive to him? Gee why not? You understand it’s all fiction? Huh)

sherlock-is-on-hiatus asked:

Dear, I would highly suggest that you delete that gif of Martin hitting Amanda. It doesn't depict a pretty picture and has caused a lot of agitation. You have every right to post what you want, but you must also respect other people and how they feel. It depicts something that a lot of people don't like in Sherlock; Mary/Amanda hate. She doesn't deserve that for simply doing her job. I hope you can understand and have enough respect to delete it. It's just better for everyone. Sorry.













Martin hitting Amanda? Are you serious? People when will you learn to separate characters from actors? Please, try to do that, it will do you only good.

Using your logic this Joffry actor from GOT must be terribly depressed, because so many people hate his character and happy with his character’s death? Lets support poor soul and never post a gif of Joffry dying, ok.

Please IGNORE ALL THIS SHIT and don’t take down anything. They always say shit like ‘it has upset people’ etc just to scare and bully.

It’s a FUNNY GIF -and you have all the rights to make it and keep it in your blogs - if people don’t want to look they don’t fucking have to.

They’re only taking after AA herself, who can’t bloody discern a character from an actor.

Unless they are all 14 years old, there is no excuse for this!

I can’t believe this is even an issue. Jesus fucking christ.

And yes, people who are incapable of keeping actors separate from the fictional characters they play are nothing short of terrifying. Seriously, how the fuck do you dress and feed yourself every day if your brain isn’t able to differentiate between reality and fiction?


For God’s sake, what a load of bullshit. It’s like to not post more gifs about Hannibal killing people for the respect of the characters he killed, like if Mad Mikkelsen killed and ate those actors for real.

Wait for the Mary supporters to come in here and use their perfection to accuse you of being horrible and tell you to be ashamed of yourself.

I’m ready to welcome them.

See??? YOU ARE VIOLENT! Such a horrible person.

Oh, you have noooo idea U_U

Seriously, there’s a kind of idiocy I can’t stand.
Follwing the same reasoning that they do (ie confusing actors and characters), it’s okay for Martin Freeman to hit with a hammer Kelly Holden Bashar, it’s okay for Billy Bob Thorton to stab Kevin O’Grady and to shot Shawn Doyle, but it’s not a okay a FAKE scene where Martin Freeman hits Amanda Abbington.


Amen. I read through the comments on that post and couldn’t even *believe* the character-confusion idiocy. The Joffrey example does show so well how crazy it is to interpret hate on a character as on the actor.

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